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At Chasing Liberty, we understand the transformative potential of local action. Our mission is to inspire and inform our readers about the incredible stories of change-makers, community leaders, and organizations who are driving positive initiatives within their neighborhoods and cities. Through compelling narratives, expert insights, and thought-provoking content, we aim to kindle the fire of activism within you.

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Jeff Charles

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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Chasing Liberty is your gateway to liberty-focused insights and activism. We explore the power of local grassroots action, sharing stories and insights coming from people on the ground. Our aim is to empower local communities one narrative at a time.


Jeff Charles is the host of "A Fresh Perspective" podcast a political commentator and satirist who has appeared on Fox News, The Hill's "Rising," Fox Soul, Newsmax, Sky News, and more. Twitter: @jeffcharlesjr Email: jeff@afreshperspectiveshow.com