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How Michael White Plans to Win State Office as a Libertarian

Can Libertarian candidates win at the state level? Michael White seems to think so.

In this episode of "A Fresh Perspective with Jeff Charles," Jeff interviews Michael White, a Libertarian candidate running for the State House in Arkansas. White discusses his campaign's focus on three key pillars: taxation, education, and fostering constructive conversation.

White emphasizes the immorality of the current taxation system, advocates for the elimination of income and property taxes, and proposes practical solutions for funding public services in a less coercive manner. Regarding education, White criticizes the inefficacy of the current K-12 system and promotes career and trade education as a viable alternative to create an independent, job-ready generation. He passionately believes in the importance of preparing students for the workforce to reduce dependency on federal assistance and criminal activity.

White also addresses the need for fostering constructive conversations in the political landscape, highlighting the divisive and destructive nature of current discourse. By focusing on common sense, practical solutions, and coalition-building, he aims to bridge gaps between different political factions. White argues that real change cannot occur without addressing systemic issues like criminal justice reform and government transparency.

Throughout the interview, he stresses that the principles of liberty should guide legislative efforts and that the current two-party system has failed to deliver meaningful change. He calls for national support to prove the viability and practicality of libertarian principles in governance.

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